How To Get The Perfect Color In Photoshop


After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To
Master color theory and know the different ways that color affects your images
Navigate basic and advanced Adobe Photoshop color tools and features
Work with adjustment layers in Photoshop to ensure that you get the perfect color
Perform color correction on your images for skin tone and lighting
Perform basic and advanced color toning on your images using a range of Photoshop features
Work with Photoshop LUTs and actions and Lightroom presets
About This Course
Color is a powerful tool for image creators. Photographers and editors who work with color on a daily basis know that grading can often be the hardest part of creating consistently striking images. What’s more is that, in this saturated market, developing your own signature style is more important than ever and having the ability to work with color like a pro is a surefire way to elevate your work above your competition.

Packed with downloadable practice files, custom Photoshop LUTs and Lightroom presets, this course is designed to give you a strong foundation in color theory as well as the ability to apply those principles to any image in Photoshop with ease. With a focus on the core fundamentals as well as advanced techniques, this course will teach you everything you need to know to achieve perfect color and style every time.

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What You Will Learn
How to master color and tone in Adobe Photoshop
How to use the color wheel and color picker in Photoshop with confidence
How to use tools such as levels, curves, vibrance, hue and saturation, channel mixer, photo filters, gradient maps, color balance, blending modes and much more.
How to color tone with adjustment layers, fill layers, black & white and sepia effects.
Why Learn With Aaron Nace?
World’s leading Photoshop educator with over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. After growing a massive cult following on Flickr, Aaron’s fans followed him to YouTube where he began to share his talents through in-depth Photoshop tutorials on his channel, PHLEARN. Worked With: Adobe, GrubHub and Sony.

Who Is This Course For?
Freelancers looking to offer color editing services
Editors wanting to build on their existing skill set
Photographers and designers wanting to enhance their images
Entrepreneurs with photo editing businesses
Anyone wanting to improve their Photoshop
Anyone wanting to learn the fundamental principles of color theory
All experience levels
Access to Internet
Computer / Laptop / Mobile Device
What Is Included?
Immediate unlimited access to course materials
30-day money-back guarantee
Exercises and quizzes to help you put theory into practice
English Closed Captions
Suitable for mobile or desktop
A badge to showcase your expertise on your profile page upon completion

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