Learn Digital Marketing and Ecommerce from Scratch (Urdu)


In this course, i have taught the students to learn digital marketing practically and evolve as a full time digital marketing specialist, there are several modules of this course, each module is important and opens up new horizon of working for you. Once you complete this course, you can start your own business, also you will be able to provide digital marketing services and will be able to open your digital marketing agency as well.

Digital Marketing is one of the most fastest growing field of ton of opportunities, people who prefer online shopping increasing day by day so the need of skilled digital marketers to market such products online is increasing day by day. It is the kind of skill, if you use correctly, can generate serious income for you.

You will learn: 

  1. Fundamentals of digital Marketing

  2. Ecommerce mindset building

  3. How to start ecommerce business with low (or zero) investment.

  4. Introduction to Ecommerce.

  5. Product hunting for Ecommerce

  6. Facebook ads level 1.

  7. Facebook ads level 2

  8. How to increase followers organically.

  9. Product sourcing guide.

  10. Local Ecommerce (Pakistani and Indian Market)

  11. Website development (Shopify))

  12. Sales funnels - Advance Facebook and Instagram ads.

  13. How to manage ecommerce business operations.

  14. Guide to influencer marketing.

  15. Guide to make 10$ daily (Average) from crypto.

And many more case studies and live business examples, You will learn everything from practical aspect.

Even if you follow and copy my steps, you will be able to kickstart your ecommerce business through the power of digital marketing.

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