Complete Cryptocurrency Beginners & Trading course in Hindi


I have been in crypto domain since 2014 and have been Trading, Mining and Investing and Educating since then. I have made this course from my experience and covered very basic concepts to advance concepts also. This is a Cryptocurrency beginner's course as well as Cryptocurrency Trading course in Hindi. This course will teach you Crypto from scratch as well as Trading from scratch.
This course is very different from other courses, because I have experience many basic difficulties in the initial days which have helped me to learn and explore this technology more. This has helped me to learn from very basics and learnt from my mistakes. I don't want anyone to repeat the same mistakes that I have made. So I have made sure that I cover them in this course.

Here is the complete List of contents of the Course:
1) How Cryptocurrency works.
2) What are Altcoins
3) Exchanges
4) Wallets
5) Tools, Apps and websites to be used
7) Cryptocurrency Forks
8) Airdrops
9) How to trade, Buy and Sell
10) What are NFT
11) Mining A to Z

More to come...

2) Candlesticks
3) Candlestick patterns
4) Engulfing Candlestick Pattern
5) Twizzer top Bottom Candlestick Pattern
6) Trading method trading platform
7) Indicators
8) Moving averages Indicator
9)Relative Strength Index Indicator
10) MACD Indicator
11) Divergence concept
12) Stochastic RSI
13) Price action trading
14) Chart Trend Patterns
15) Chart_Patterns_2
16) Support and Resistance
17) Risk management
18) Fibonacci

More to come..

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