Amazon affiliate Marketing


This is basically an Amazon affiliate marketing course anybody can learn this course nothing is very difficult in this course and the best point of this course is you have no need investment in Amazon you need to learn some skills and then start your earning from ZERO investment.

let me summarise what you will learn in this course

first lecture

in the first lecture, you will how to create a blog for Amazon Affiliated products, and the best point is you don't need to hire a developer or learns to code. in this first video, you will the basic things in this video like how to upload the theme on the blog how to create your blog, and some more copy Past things.

along this course, you will free theme for amazon Affiliated Products.

Second Video:

In the second video, you will learn how to create an amazon affiliate account and do all the basic setting

Third Video

In the third video, you will learn how to create a Global payment account for receiving money from amazon and you will also learn how to connect your Payoneer account with amazon.

Fourth video

In the fourth video, you will learn how to fill the tax information in your Amazon account and also provide the important Document to amazon.

Fifth Video

In the fifth video, you will learn how to create neatch and also post amazon products on your blog.

6th,7th,8th 9th

In these videos, you will learn about marketing and most important you will how to sell Amazon products internationally

Last Video

The last video is very important don’t miss to watch it there I will explain all the keys to success in the amazon affiliate marketing course.

NOTE: if you guys have any Questions Please feel free to ask. And I will respond any time and help you to earn more and more money from amazon

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