Weight Loss and Regulation of Eating Behavior


Learn how to regulate your metabolism in 4 days and lose weight naturally with the help of Kundalini yoga

This course is called "Weight Loss and Regulation of Eating Behavior" and it’s aimed at:

- teaching kundalini kriyas, chants, meditations, breathing practices (pranayamas)

- helping to get rid of irritation, nervousness, apathy (everything that causes distorted eating behavior, food addiction, overeating)

- body detox, cleansing and healing the digestive system

- improving metabolism (naturally, involuntary)

- improving body flexibility and gaining a good shape

- balancing hormonal and endocrine systems

- attracting energies of abundance and prosperity

- making life calmer and more joyful

You will lose weight naturally, without harming your body and psyche!

Theoretical and psychological guidance throughout the course!

Course structure:

(Each class includes introduction, warm-up, kriyas and meditations)

Class 1: Body Detox. Meditation for overeating

Class 2: Improve metabolism. Anti-Addiction Meditation

Class 3: Healing digestive system. Meditation for Aura

Class 4: Beautiful and flexible body. Meditation for Self-Love

*If you are pregnant, menstruating or have a serious health condition, please consult your HCP (Health Care Professional) to modify your practice to your condition and capability.

All instructions, comments and content are published as information only and not intended as a medical advice, nor to replace or substitute your HCP.

If you experience any pain or a medical emergency, contact your HCP or Emergency Response Number in your country.

WE (Lisa Grail and her affialities) make no representations or warranties concerning any usage of the information offered in this course. WE are not liable nor responsible for any losses, damages or injuries that may occur from performance of any action or exercise from the course.

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