Java Reactive Programming [ From Scratch ]


Learn Reactive Programming from scratch! With Assignments & Quizzes!

Reactive Programming is a programming style which deals with asynchronous data streams! A development model which focuses on observing data streams and reacting on changes and propagating them.

You learn Reactive Programming to build Reactive Systems - a highly resilient distributed systems or Microservices! Modern applications support huge number of concurrent users. Most of the applications are CRUD in nature with a lots of time consuming / blocking IO operations which is wasting the system resources. Reactive programming helps us to write highly resilient and reusable code in an asynchronous, non-blocking & declarative style. With less system resources, we get a lot more work done.

If you want to work on any of these, then this course is a prerequisite!!

  • Spring WebFlux

  • RScoket

  • Kafka or Redis stream processing

By the end of this course, You would be comfortable with,

  • Reactive Programming Concepts

  • Asynchronous & non-blocking operations

  • Mono / Flux Publishers

  • Handling Backpressure with various strategies

  • Various Flux operators

  • Threading & Schedulers

  • Sinks - Unicast, Multicast, Replay

  • Hot & Cold Publishers

  • Combining multiple publishers with concat, merge, zip, combineLatest etc

  • Batching with Buffer, Window, GroupBy

  • Repeat & Retry

  • Unit Testing with Step Verifier

  • Contexts

  • Implementing business logic in declarative style

  • Writing highly resilient code

  • It is MUST for Spring WebFlux.

  • Implementing business logic in declarative style

  • Writing highly resilient code

  • Better Error Handling

  • Reactor Hooks / Callbacks

  • Parallel Stream Processing

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