Design Awesome Graphics For Social Media with Canva


This course will teach you graphic design fundamentals and how to employ them to create awesome social media graphics using the FREE design tool CANVA.

  • Do you need to create professional looking social media graphics for your side-hustles, but don't know where to start?
  • Have you tried to piece information together from various sources around the web but end up even more confused?
  • Don't have the money to hire expensive graphic designers for your projects.,..who does right?

If you answered yes, to any or all of these questions, then you have found the right course for you.

The life of a content creator is already stressful, having to produce on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Just spent 3hrs. editing a new youtube video, but remember, you aren't done till you create that eye catching thumbnail. It can seem overwhelming. 

And you don't want to just slap something together that doesn't look professional right. 

This is where this class will help. Anyone can learn how to use the free design tool CANVA. In this class you will learn not only to use CANVA, but before we start creating real-world projects we cover the fundamentals of graphic design that will evaluate your social media graphics to another level.

Some of the Fundamentals of Design we will cover are:

  • Space
  • Line
  • Repetition
  • Hierarchy

We will use the Fundamentals of Design to create a brand and all the graphics we create in the course will be for an imaginary entrepreneur who has started a travel blog and Youtube channel. This way you also learn how to not only create the images, but why and how they fit into a cohesive brand.

You will then learn to use CANVA to create the following social media graphics:

  1. Logo
  2. Facebook Cover
  3. Facebook Post
  4. YouTube Thumbnail
  5. YouTube Channel Art
  6. Twitter Header
  7. Twitter Post
  8. Blog Title Image
  9. Infographic
  10. Google+ Photo
  11. Pinterest Graphic
  12. LinkIn Image

Start creating more professional and eye catching social media graphics and make your brand stand out on the web! 


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